ACL Surgery 11/16/17 – Round 2

I knew as soon as it happened.  The popping sound.    The inability to walk right after. The immediate pain that followed.   I tore my right ACL.

How was I so sure?

Because I tore my left ACL (and meniscus) exactly 4 years earlier and had ACL reconstruction surgery in November 2013.   I guess the only incentive to having this happen to you again is knowing everything that happens.

I immediately called my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Rose,  who performed my previous surgery at Hospital for Special Surgery.   After an MRI, he confirmed that I tore my ACL.  He did reaffirm to me that I did not have to have surgery.  At this point in my life, I wasn’t playing in as many sports as I had previously been when I initially injured my knee.  You can live without an ACL and live fine without it.   But doing anything in which you have to pivot sideways or performing lateral movements would be a challenge.


I ultimately decided to go ahead with the surgery.  I’m still at the age where the recovery wouldn’t be severely impacting my routine or my health.  I spoke with Dr. Rose and ultimately scheduled in surgery on November 16th, 2017 at HSS again.

As I write this, it’s now been a couple of days after surgery.  I’ll be updating my blog with my recovery process (as my activity level will significantly decrease ha) but I’m happy to report the surgery was a success!  More to come.





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