So, it’s been awhile since I last wrote and this post is to kinda correlate with this delay in writing.

My topic of discussion is simple: Drive.   Why are some people more driven than others?  What drives people to move forward?

I pose this question after a close friend has been working on her business project for a few weeks and she’s already gotten it off the ground.  My other friend already has two separate clients.   Mind you, these are two of my closest friends who have the same mentality and drive in their personal lives.  One even has the responsibilities of two children which makes me question my drive even more.



What pushes some to have more drive in starting a business and following through than the other?  Is it the fact that their business is more viable?  More definitive?  More understanding?
After having a conversation with my friend who had a few questions regarding the logo of her business, I realized that no- it wasn’t the fact that her business was further along than mine was initially.   It was because she had believed in herself and did not take an  off day to see this happen.   She just returned from a  trip to Chicago and completed everything she needed to complete on her trip there.   She was exhausted but only admitted to being exhausted after I asked her if she was tired.

Case  in point:  Those who see the opportunity to reap rewards understand that there will be hard work involved and will not complain about the time and effort involved in getting their business off the ground.


So there you have it.  Drive consists of multiple layers and facets of a person that include time and belief in a business.   Only when all of those connect does the business move forward.  of course, one has to be aware of including all of these factors.    So, I’m going to do just that, in my humbling journey to move forward to eventually conduct business.

More to come.

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