Stadium Tour Review: Champion Stadium

March 2016

Champion Stadium was the second stadium on my March 2016 Stadium Tour trip.  The Spring Training home for the Atlanta Braves sits in ESPN’s Wide World of Sports complex in Walt Disney World.



Champion Stadium, Orlando, FL

We got tickets that game to see the Pittsburgh Pirates take on the Braves.  There were a great deal of Pirates fans cheering on their team, surprisingly. Of course, last year’s playoff race saw just how passionate Pirates fans were for their home team.  Who knows?  The Pirates hadn’t won a World Series title since in 1979, this very well may be their year.


The overall venue is absolutely stunning. There are always a constant stream of athletes coming in and out of the WWOS complex.  In a bittersweet moment for myself, the Contest of Champions national cheerleading competition was also being held simultaneously in the auditorium next door.    The last time I was in the Wide World of Sports complex was in 2001, for that very competition.  It was bittersweet and ironic at the same time.  I couldn’t help but smile as I saw the nervousness and intensity and in each and every cheerleaders eyes.  I was in their shoes at one point and I knew what the emotions that they were experiencing.





One thing that I do have to say about the Braves set up and the overall stadium was the fact that it truly felt more like a real pro ball game.  Why do I say that?

Well, compared to the ease in which you’re able to get autographs in Steinbrenner Field versus the required additional $70 charge in this park, that was the initial moment where it seemed more like a professional baseball game as opposed to a minor league one.  In addition, the sound system in the venue is pretty much comparable to that of regular MLB stadiums.


Thoughts and Review

Overall, we had an enjoyable time at the game.  You truly cannot beat the excitement that comes along with being at Disney and the seeing teams showcase their potential roster for the regular season cannot be beat by any means. The overall stadium differs from other Spring Training Stadium simply because of the Disney environment and the fact that it’s extremely difficult to get up close and personal with the players.

That being said, the stadium definitely is one of the nicer Spring Training venues and you cannot beat the location.


Overall Grade:  A-






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