Nature vs. Nurture

It’s funny how topics of conversation can spur up all at the same time.

Just recently I came into a conversation with two separate individuals revolving around the general concept of nature vs. nurture and bringing forth the topic of free will.

Nature vs. Nurture

I’m fully aware of the amount of studies that have been conducted regarding the age old debate of Nature vs. Nurture.  I’m also fully aware of the empirical evidence that have been supplied with said debate.  That said, I’ve always been enthralled with gaining a full understanding myself.

So here are my thoughts:

In one conversation, we were discussing the topic of nature vs. nurture and how much free will do we truly have when we decide our true fate and discourse in life.  We determined that, ultimately, nature is the ultimate enforcer for the road in which one leads his life.

In the other, our conversation revolved around the belief that our beginning and end has already been determined.  What occurs in between these parameters is decided on by the amount of energy that is emitted once internal peace has been realized regarding  your sealed fate.  So, essentially, if one is at peace with his life and where its trajectory, aka fate, is headed, one can emit a certain amount of energy that will seal and line themselves up with markers in life.  My whole thought process behind that theory was: Where would free will come into play?  It’s an oxymoron.  If one is able to semi determine their course of life and where it would lead then free will wouldn’t come into play; however, if one doesn’t acknowledge their fate then their ability to assert a certain amount of free will becomes greater.

Twisters Case Study

Finally, I recently came across the documentary “Twisters”.  This was a great documentary that I came across while scrolling through Netflix.  In it, two identical twin sisters who were separated at birth find each other via social media and immediately bring forth the difference between nature vs. nurture.

In this documentary, one twin was raised in NJ and ultimately settles in CA to develop her film career.  The other was raised in France and is currently residing in London.  When they eventually meet up, it’s evident and clear that they’re identical.  They possess matching smiles, laughs and are spitting images of each other.  Where they differ is clearly from their environmental influences.

After participating in a twins study in California, their results concluded the belief that there are certain traits that are completely inherent based upon environmental studies.  One twin, who acknowledged the fact that she was often segregated and made to feel as an outsider because she was adopted, had less of an assertive personality than her other twin, who never felt different than her peers.  Both scored the same in regards to the traits that were inherent since birth such as their drive, motivation, etc.

This film, which I think truly substantiates the nature vs. nurture debate, was one of the finer films that were conducted and should definitely be used as a case study to substantiate which traits are inherent in an individual vs. which traits are brought forth from our surrounding influences.

Ending Thoughts

Although this post may be a bit of a rant of jumbled thoughts typical of me, I believe that everything happens for a reason.  In December, I’ve always had a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in life and the following year.  This year, I realized that there are certain things that are easily accomplished based upon what i’m able to accomplish because those items relate to certain traits that come easily to me.  Others, on the other hand, are not as easy.

I think that these conversations came to me in a serendipitous manner because I was questioning why I wasn’t able to accomplish certain things within a certain timeline.

The reason has finally came to me after this week.  We are all capable of performing certain tasks and completing certain goals.  The time it takes depends entirely on our ability to acknowledge what we were theoretically born with (nature) and how we are able to utilize our traits that we’ve learned from our surroundings.   That being said, there are limits on our ability to build upon the traits we’ve learned from our natural surroundings because, ultimately, we are extremely limited with our original composition.  Our body and our mind is fully capable of being able to store energy and information; however, there is a limit to how much we can hold (much like how much bandwidth we’re able to use).    The most important belief is the fact that we are capable of performing various items, but we have to, ultimately, understand our capabilities and understand that we have to slowly work and condition with our traits that come forth from nurture.  Our free will ultimately is dependent upon acknowledging this fact.  Once we’re able to acknowledge it, we can ultimately move forward at the speed in which we want to move at.






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