Life, Measured?


I just came across a tweet that asks followers:

On a Scale of 1-100, how much are you getting out of life?

Simple question.  I’d say a rather complex answer from anyone willing to answer the question posed at hand.  How could anyone feasibly assess how fulfilled they are on life with such a small numerical grading system composed of only 1-100?

Going further, why only 1 to 100? Why not 1-105? 250? These parameters are, essentially, concocted purely by man to create a rubric to ultimately be used as a grading scale that we utilize in our school system.

So, leading with that academic metric scale, if I judged my life to be a 65, that would mean I barely pass in life?  Or if I believed my life was a 90, I would be an A-?  That means that I would only need an additional 10% to fully satisfy my life’s expectations and need little room to improve myself? (After all, extra credit in class sometimes boosts your grade by 10%)


When you truly analyze this question of imposing a numeric “grade” to your expectations in your life and whether or not you’re truly fulfilled, you should start to realize just how wrong it is.   Simply put, a numeric grading scale with a maximum score of 100 is just reflective of our conditioning of a man-made, regimented schedule that was imposed on us when we first walked into our first day of Kindergarten.

Every single one of us has been in a consistent state of routine.

It’s evident everywhere.  From your alarm going off at 6:15 AM, to checking the train schedule, to taking tests in school, to ensuring you get breakfast by 10:45 AM, work break, gym class schedules….we are in a perpetual state of routine.

Life Experiences – NOT Routine

So, correlating our constant daily routine to the initial question at hand, my belief that putting an academic grade value relating to your life experiences is pretty much an oxymoron. Why?   Because the life experiences we experiences often times come from experiences that are not from our daily routine schedule.

Think about it- Experiences are the very essence of what life is made of.  They can be learning experiences, travel experiences, dating experiences, whatever the case may be they are experiences unique strictly to the individual.

Final Thought

As a person who can proudly say she’s gotten “a lot” out of the many experiences I’ve had in my 31years of life, I don’t believe that placing a grade of my life with, ultimately, a man-made scaling system.  (Who decided numbers 1 – 100 would be those numbers to judge students academically?)

Yes, to me, you simply can’t juxtapose these two.  The experiences that I’ve had, like many others, are something that could never be measured with parameters that an unknown individual created, nor can one put a simple number to correlate how much they’ve accomplished and experienced thus far.

No.  To me, to experience and get the most out of life you have to accept that there is no grading system.  Each person has had the ability to possess free will outside of the constant routine of their daily lives.

That free will and all that comes with it, should never have a grading system associated with it.  Free will and all those experiences that come with it, if anything, should simply be undefined.

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